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Sunday, October 19th, 2008
9:49 am - Tsunku and Hello! Project Goes insane

Go here now! All of Elder Club is graduating Hello!Project!


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Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
10:28 pm - Ayaka got married


Golfer Tanihara Has Married Ayaka

On July 14, it was made public that popular pro golfer Tanihara Hideto (29) had married actor and talent Ayaka Nagate (26) from groups such as "Petit Moni" and "Coconuts Musume".

After a half-year relationship, their marriage was registered on July 8, and when they have time off, a ceremony and reception are planned. On July 17, Tanihara will make his third consecutive appearance at the British Open and will take Nagate with him. With the support of his new wife, he hopes to beat his 5th place finish in 2006 and to win the Japan Tour.

For more & a picture of them check out: hello-online.org

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Wednesday, April 30th, 2008
12:37 pm - Coconuts Musume Ayaka graduates from Hello! Project

Copied and Pasted from Hello-Online.org

In somewhat of a surprise (although not too much, if her activity in H!P is any gauge), Kimura Ayaka has graduated from Hello!Project, effective April 30, 2008. Read on for a full article translation.

Full Story

Here's a full translation of the MSN Japan news article:

Ayaka, member of the musical group Coconuts Musume, which was made up primarily of Hawaiian members, graduated from Hello Project and Coconuts Musume on April 30. She says she will be focusing on work as an actor. As members such as April and Chelsea gradually left the group for educational and other reasons, Ayaka was left as the sole member to perform at concerts and events.

A message was left on the Hello Project site for her fans: "She worked hard as the last remaining member of Coconuts Musume, since it's beginnings in 1999, but has decided that on April 30, 2008, she will graduate from Coconuts Musume and from Hello Project."

Comment from Ayaka of Coconuts Musume:

I'm Ayaka, from Coconuts Musume. I have some information for you all today. In order to follow my dream of becoming an actor, I have decided to graduate from Hello!Project. It's been almost 9 years since our debut in '99... I have a lot of fun memories. Those memories are my precious treasures! I'd like to thank the fans who always supported me, the other Hello Project members who I love, Tsunku who was always watching over us, and all the kind staff members for everything m(__)m! I'm so full of gratitude. I may be graduating from Hello!Project, but I hope you'll still support me as I pursue my dream of becoming an actor!

(There is also an official announcement at the H!P site, but this article includes all the info from there.

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Wednesday, February 20th, 2008
1:34 pm - Open Position: hello_news Maintainer

I would like to please pass this community, and am seeking volunteers to moderate and maintain the community to their own liking. The other option in the event that no one wishes to do such, the community will be deleted.

Thank you everyone for using the community and keeping it a friendly place to post H!P news until now.

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Sunday, January 27th, 2008
4:53 pm - V-u-den to disband

"On January 26, 2008, it was announced that v-u-den would be disbanding in June 2008 after the completion of their summer concert tour. "
-Wiki.theppn's translation/summary
Hello Project's statement

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Monday, October 29th, 2007
7:30 am - She's staying with UpFront.

All of this is being updated at Hello-Online. I'll try to post what they do here as they update.

- Blogcchin (Goto Maki's blog) is overloaded due traffic.
"it's hard to access now because the server is overloaded. Sorry for the inconvenience and try to access again later."

- It has been reported Goto Maki will still be part of UpFront but not in Hello! Project.

- Tsunku comments about Goto Maki's graduation on his blog:

"It seems that Goto Maki determined the commencement of a new life.
If i remember correctly, she joined when she was 13 years old, entering into the world of celebrity, almost nine years ago.

Many works have been made.

This artist named Goto Maki excited me with her imaginative power.
Various productions were able to be sent out to the world.

With more than just a bit of a man's boldness, like something out of a fairy tale story, she makes me think, "That's so cool, let's rock!"

Since there were so many ways for her to express herself, we were able to do various works.

That's why it was determinated that Goto Maki had to graduate Hello! Project.

This decision will bring new productions with the new Goto Maki and will bring her in contact with more people.

I'll truly keep on supporting her.
Sorry for this long speech. Also, keep fighting!"

- UpFront makes Goto Maki's graduation from Hello! Project official via its homepage. After writing a brief description of who Gocchin was inside H!P, there is a comment from her:

"On October 28th, I graduated from Hello! Project. I'm sorry for this sudden announcement.

I became part of Morning Musume at the age of 13. It'll be almost the 9th year by the end of this year. I've come to meet a lot of people and lots of feelings have matured within me.
Little by little, I was visualising the things I really want to do.
I wanted to be ready, in the proper time, to face things by myself once again, so I opted for graduation.

Although my future is not clear yet, it will depend on what I'm able to do. Regarding my career as a singer, I want to absorb many different things, to change and keep going with my own power, and to progress more than now.
It had been stressful, thinking about what to tell all of you. Since so many fans were there, I can be here smiling now.
This feeling of gratitude cannot be expressed with words.
Sincerely, thank you very much.

I want to be together with everybody from now on., since all of you out there are my support.
Not as a member of Hello!, but as Goto Maki, in a more personal way, I'll give my best.
Please keep supporting me from now on."

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12:26 am - Goto Maki has left Hello!Project

Courtesy of Hello!Online-

(trimmed & paraphrased, see original article for more detail)

It's official: Gocchin will graduate from H!P but she will continue with her solo activities as a singer with another company.

- The Final Concert of Goto Maki as part of Hello! Project has ended, and her final songs were LIFE and Scramble. It's reported that her dancer Maro was crying during LIFE.

- The announce has been told inside the concert hall, and all the fans keep supporting Gocchin by holding orange penlights during the encore as a sign of "Hope" a word that has been representative for Goto Maki.

- Goto Maki will continue singing with a different company.

..."All this since her brother Goto Yuuki (21) was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Departament, and caused all the troubles including to other H!P members. Nikkan Sports also reported that this "graduation" was also because UpFront had different plans for her, and she has a different idea for her singer career. "

Thanks to the peeps at H!O for reporting this news.

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Wednesday, August 22nd, 2007
12:29 pm - Melon Kinenbi - onegai miwaku no target PV

For those who haven't seen Melon Kinenbi's new single PV, do yourself a favour and watch it. Right now. It's either the best of the worst PV of all time, depending on your sense of humour. I was wiping tears from my eyes by the end. XD


Thanks to lovemusic & men0 @ jpm.

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Monday, May 7th, 2007
7:41 pm - confirmed marriage plans: Tsuji--- OMG!

I know I always get told not to spread gossip, but I feel I should pass this along:
The japanese media has been saying that Tsuji Nozomi (19) is 2 months pregnant and will marry actor Sugiura Takayasu (26) on her birthday (June 17th)! This is after her withdrawl from theater commitments due to "stomach flu" (which Yossie's taking over for). No official statement from UFA yet, but here's a news clip!!

H!O will update when more news arrives.

[EDIT] Sorry for bolding, but apparently my disclaimer wasn't enough, so anything bold is an edit to remind people that this is currently unconfirmed by UFA.

2nd Edit- It's on yahoo! news, oricon & 3 more at least.... :O

Edit 3- There's a message from tsunku up, and Nono's withdrawing from her showbuisness activities!

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Saturday, March 24th, 2007
7:47 pm - Kago Ai- in another tabloid

More story on Hello! Online, basically a translation and the scan. Follow the link for pictures and more detail.

Basically Kago's got a boyfriend (18 years older than her) who owns a "popular cafe" (SOMA), and she spent the night with him at the hot springs. They've got pictures of them holding hands, and someone said they saw her smoking in his car.

"UFA responded to the Gendai reporter with the following: "We heard he is one of Kago's close friends. But if it's true that she spent the night (with him), she would be acting imprudently." "

Hello! Online mentioned something from a 2ch message board that some 'annonymus UFA' person said that UFA was pushing more for kago's return. That she said she "was tired" and "wanted to get married"

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Friday, February 23rd, 2007
1:06 am - Kago Ai is back

Okay, it has probably been on most of your friends lists so I won't make a huge post. In a Friday issue that has yet to hit the stands they talk with Kago Ai who has been working at (serving tea and taking phones) at UFA. She's sorry to her fans, staff & members and wants to sing again.

from ikimasshoi:
On the same interview, UFA staff was asked about Kago’s return: “We have been thinking of letting Kago return, but the time and the way to do it has yet to be settled"

full of version of Ikimasshoi's translation:

Other places to read basically the same thing:
JPM Forums

I don't mean no plagerism or to be overly apathetic but it's still kind of a rumor. I mean the 'we're thinking about it' is kind of a duh!

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Thursday, February 15th, 2007
2:50 pm - Nacchi and BerryZ.

Nastumi Abe mini-album availabe on March 14th!
25 ~vingt-cinq~ (Twenty-Five)

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

1.くちびるで止めて (Kuchibiru de tomete)
2.25~ヴァンサンク~ (25 ~vingt-cinq~ )
3.大人へのエレベーター (Otona he no Elevator)
4.甘すぎた果実 (Amasugita Kajitsu)
5.月色の光 (Gesshoku no Hikari)
6.愛しき人 (Itoshiki hito)
7.スイートホリック (Sweetholic)

Berryz's new single VERY BEAUTY ~ March 7th

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

2.ガキ大将 (Gaki Daisho)
3.VERY BEAUTY(Instrumental)

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Wednesday, January 17th, 2007
1:34 am - New Album

Hi! I didn't see this spamming my friends list so I thought I would post:

"SEXY 8 BEAT" is the title for the 8th Morning Musume album announced for March 21st. Yay! One last hurrah for Yossie.

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Sunday, January 14th, 2007
11:05 am - ANOTHER update

Here is a translated article provided from Hana @ MM-BBS

I will say there are some parts that are a bit graphic; nothing worse than what you'd hear on the news.

Yoshizawa Kouta (16), younger brother of Morning Musume leader Yoshizawa Hitomi (21), was hit by a car at the intersection at the bottom of Kagurazaka in Tokyo's Shinjuku-ku while riding his bicycle around 10:50 PM on the 10th, and died before dawn the following day at the hospital he was transported to. Yoshizawa is suffering from shock at the sudden death of the younger brother she doted on, however she is remaining firm and has directly told the staff that she wants to appear at the Osaka show on the 14th. She will sing enthusiastically so that Kouta can hear her in heaven.

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12:06 am - Update on the Yoshizawa death,

Info from Jpop.com and MM-BBS

Yossi will perform *is/has now due to time zones* at the concert on the 14th. Conflicting reports: fans will use white/yellow glowsticks/glowpens during the song Aruiteru to show their support for Yossi.
We hope she can stay strong when this takes place and during the actual concert.

According to the Tokyo Metro Police the accident took place at 10:50pm. In Shinjuku ward at the intersection of Kagurazaka and Sotoboridori (cut and paste 新宿区神楽坂1丁目9 into google maps and check out the satellite... looks very dangerous) Kota was on his way home on a bicycle and was hit by a small car and then collided with a waiting taxi. He hit his head and was taken to hospital but died at 12:15am on the 11th (I don't really think I need to translate how). The driver of the car was a 20 year old student and was arrested for dangerous driving.

Yuji @ mm-bbs:
... so he was arrested. I guess it wasn't the poor guy's fault. Ah that's too bad. But I can attest that biking in Tokyo is very dangerous. I have been "nudged" by cars several times.

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Saturday, January 13th, 2007
12:18 pm - Yoshizawa Hitomi's Brother is Killed; hit by a car.

So far all we know is that:
- On Wednesday the 10th, about 10:20 at night, Yossi's brother was riding home on his bike in Tokyo when he was hit by a car. He's sent to the hospital.
- Yossi finds out and heads to the hospital right away, dropping all H!P duties, to be by his side.
- He dies by her side sometime on the 12th Japan time.
- She has cut off all ties to UFA and UFA will not contact her due to reasons of grieving.
- We're not sure what is going to happen from here with her membership; some are calling an earlier graduation.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Japanese text to followCollapse )

My heart goes out to her and her family.

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Monday, January 8th, 2007
3:03 pm - Country Musume Graduation Messages

Hi everyone.

If you aren't aware, Asami and Miuna are graduating from both Country Musume and Hello!Project on the 28th of January, at the final H!P 10th anniversary concert.

A Japanese fansite has put up English-language versions of their graduation message submissions to Asami and Miuna (and an extra support one for Mai), so obviously we're invited to join in.

If you're not familiar with fan messages, fans get together and fill up a book with printed messages, and present it to a hellopro staff member at the grad concert. So if you've ever wanted to let Country Musume know you're a fan, this is the last chance you'll have. The girls probably aren't great with English, so if you're going to type in English (or any other language for that matter), maybe just put something basic like "good luck from your fan in Rand Mcnally!". Of course a Japanese message wouldn't hurt either :p An internet translator like Google probably wouldn't do a very good job with anymore more than a basic message, so use sparingly.


Crossposted to a million places, but I think the cause is worth it (but sorry for spamming your friends list anyway). If you want, please pass this on, if only because it'd be awesome to see dozens of non-Japanese fan messages.

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Saturday, December 2nd, 2006
9:01 pm

Next year, H!P will release a Morning Musume 10th Anniversary Commemoration Single on 1/24/2007. The single will be created from a special unit of the previous Morning Musume members. A rumor is spreading that Kago will be coming back to be a part of that unit for the single, but that was just probably started by a wishful fan on the Tower Records site. The special unit of graduated members will be performing at the 10th Anniversary Winter Concert Tour, and Kago has not been listed on the tour, only Tsuji is.

初回盤:EPCE-5448 \1,260(税込)
通常盤:EPCE-5449 \1,050(税込)
From the rumor mill: http://d.hatena.ne.jp/momot/20061130/p1
News source: http://ikimasshoi.jphip.net/

The Hello! Project Concert Tours for this winter 2007 will be:
Hello! Project 2007 Winter ~Shuugetsu! 10th Anniversary~
Scheduled artists performing: Morning Musume, Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsume, Yasuda Kei, Goto Maki, Biyuden, Tsuji Nozomi, Inaba Atsuko, Coconuts Musume (Ayaka), Country Musume, Melon Kinenbi, Maeda Yuki, Matsuura Aya, Berryz Koubou, Cute
MC: Makoto, Yaguchi Mari
Country Musume members Kimura Asami and Saitou Miuna will be leaving after the 10th Anniversary Tour on 1/28/2007. Satoda Mai will be the single remaining member of Country Musume.

Hello! Project 2007 Winter ~Wonderful Hearts Otome Gocoro~
Scheduled artists performing: Morning Musume, Biyuden, Tsuji Nozomi, Berryz Koubou, Cute
MC: Makoto, Yaguchi Mari

Hello! Project 2007 Winter ~Elder Club The Celebration~
Scheduled artists performing: Nakazawa Yuko, Iida Kaori, Abe Natsumi, Yasuda Kei, Goto Maki, Inaba Atsuko, Coconuts Musume, Country Musume, Melon Kinenbi, Maeda Yuki, Matsuura Aya
MC: Makoto, Yaguchi Mari

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Sunday, July 23rd, 2006
3:28 pm - Makoto graduation

Translated from http://dokidokilovesite.com

Asami Konno graduated today, july 23, from Morning Musume and Hello! Project, during the concert Hello! Project 2006 Summer ~Wonderful Hearts Land~. All the fans got their pink sticks to say goodbye to one of the most beloved members from the 5th generation of the group. Nevertheless, when the concert was finishing, Makoto Ogawa appeared near Asami Konno, dressed with the graduation outfit. In fact, before fans' amazement, Makoto Ogawa was graduated from Morning Musume, without prior announcement, since it was predicted for August. Good luck to both of them!

All I can say is wow. How I wish I was there.
(The original article was in spanish)

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Tuesday, July 11th, 2006
10:32 pm - Yaguchi new unit....with a turtle?

Info still limited at the moment but news tells us that there is a new solo CD is being made; but what's with the turtle?

Japanese article to followCollapse )

More will be posted as it comes out....

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