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Country Musume Graduation Messages

Hi everyone.

If you aren't aware, Asami and Miuna are graduating from both Country Musume and Hello!Project on the 28th of January, at the final H!P 10th anniversary concert.

A Japanese fansite has put up English-language versions of their graduation message submissions to Asami and Miuna (and an extra support one for Mai), so obviously we're invited to join in.

If you're not familiar with fan messages, fans get together and fill up a book with printed messages, and present it to a hellopro staff member at the grad concert. So if you've ever wanted to let Country Musume know you're a fan, this is the last chance you'll have. The girls probably aren't great with English, so if you're going to type in English (or any other language for that matter), maybe just put something basic like "good luck from your fan in Rand Mcnally!". Of course a Japanese message wouldn't hurt either :p An internet translator like Google probably wouldn't do a very good job with anymore more than a basic message, so use sparingly.


Crossposted to a million places, but I think the cause is worth it (but sorry for spamming your friends list anyway). If you want, please pass this on, if only because it'd be awesome to see dozens of non-Japanese fan messages.
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