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Update on the Yoshizawa death,

Info from Jpop.com and MM-BBS

Yossi will perform *is/has now due to time zones* at the concert on the 14th. Conflicting reports: fans will use white/yellow glowsticks/glowpens during the song Aruiteru to show their support for Yossi.
We hope she can stay strong when this takes place and during the actual concert.

According to the Tokyo Metro Police the accident took place at 10:50pm. In Shinjuku ward at the intersection of Kagurazaka and Sotoboridori (cut and paste 新宿区神楽坂1丁目9 into google maps and check out the satellite... looks very dangerous) Kota was on his way home on a bicycle and was hit by a small car and then collided with a waiting taxi. He hit his head and was taken to hospital but died at 12:15am on the 11th (I don't really think I need to translate how). The driver of the car was a 20 year old student and was arrested for dangerous driving.

Yuji @ mm-bbs:
... so he was arrested. I guess it wasn't the poor guy's fault. Ah that's too bad. But I can attest that biking in Tokyo is very dangerous. I have been "nudged" by cars several times.
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