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Kago Ai is back

Okay, it has probably been on most of your friends lists so I won't make a huge post. In a Friday issue that has yet to hit the stands they talk with Kago Ai who has been working at (serving tea and taking phones) at UFA. She's sorry to her fans, staff & members and wants to sing again.

from ikimasshoi:
On the same interview, UFA staff was asked about Kago’s return: “We have been thinking of letting Kago return, but the time and the way to do it has yet to be settled"

full of version of Ikimasshoi's translation:

Other places to read basically the same thing:
JPM Forums

I don't mean no plagerism or to be overly apathetic but it's still kind of a rumor. I mean the 'we're thinking about it' is kind of a duh!
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