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Kago Ai- in another tabloid

More story on Hello! Online, basically a translation and the scan. Follow the link for pictures and more detail.

Basically Kago's got a boyfriend (18 years older than her) who owns a "popular cafe" (SOMA), and she spent the night with him at the hot springs. They've got pictures of them holding hands, and someone said they saw her smoking in his car.

"UFA responded to the Gendai reporter with the following: "We heard he is one of Kago's close friends. But if it's true that she spent the night (with him), she would be acting imprudently." "

Hello! Online mentioned something from a 2ch message board that some 'annonymus UFA' person said that UFA was pushing more for kago's return. That she said she "was tired" and "wanted to get married"
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