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Goto Maki has left Hello!Project

Courtesy of Hello!Online-

(trimmed & paraphrased, see original article for more detail)

It's official: Gocchin will graduate from H!P but she will continue with her solo activities as a singer with another company.

- The Final Concert of Goto Maki as part of Hello! Project has ended, and her final songs were LIFE and Scramble. It's reported that her dancer Maro was crying during LIFE.

- The announce has been told inside the concert hall, and all the fans keep supporting Gocchin by holding orange penlights during the encore as a sign of "Hope" a word that has been representative for Goto Maki.

- Goto Maki will continue singing with a different company.

..."All this since her brother Goto Yuuki (21) was arrested by the Metropolitan Police Departament, and caused all the troubles including to other H!P members. Nikkan Sports also reported that this "graduation" was also because UpFront had different plans for her, and she has a different idea for her singer career. "

Thanks to the peeps at H!O for reporting this news.
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