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Jpop & Hello! Project News

Hello_News H!P & Jpop News
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
Release updates for the singles, albums, and merchandise of Hello! Project and Jpop artists, as well as news updates and pictures.

What can be posted:
1) Release dates and information for singles, albums, and other merchandise of Jpop artists, along with the cover images.
2) News updates with pictures of Jpop artists.

What can not be posted:
1) Any off-topic posts including introduction posts.*
2) Introductions hidden within on-topic posts.*
3) Gratuitous or self-promotioning posts, including icon sharing or Community pimping.
4) Fics or links to fics.
5) Links to audio or video files or links to websites with audio or video files of licensed media.

*Please note that rules 1 and 2 are limited to new posts only. Off-topic comments (including introductions) made on existing posts is okay.

How to post :
1) To make long posts with lots of text and/or 3 or more images, use a cut-tag.
2) To make posts with images, upload the image files to your own website server. Do not steal bandwidth.
3) Make your posts intelligent, orderly, coherent, and to-the-point.

Any posts that do not follow the rules and guidelines will be deleted and the person who made the post will be banned from the community after two warnings.